From most recent to least, this is the spot to watch all the episodes of the comedy web series “Least Favorite Love Songs.” This is also where you can watch the latest extras and bonus footage. Oh yeah, and all this stuff comes from our YouTube channel which you should definitely subscribe to.

Bonus 4/20 Episode – Molly’s First High

Season 2 Finale – Fight

Season 2 Bonus Video 2 – Interviewing the Band

Episode 2.3 – The Band.

Episode 2.2 – Return to Tim John’s Lair.

Episode 2.1 – Juliet, the microcelebrity.

Season 2 Bonus video 1 – Outside Truffles


Episode 1.4 – Truffles, the orientation.

Episode 1.3 – Eddie, the sort-of boyfriend.

Episode 1.2 – Jacob, the job interview.

Episode 1.1 – Tim John, the dealer.

Season 1 – Behind the Scenes Interviews and Deleted Scenes.

Season 2 – Pre Season.